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CleanBoost® 20W50™ Racing Oil 5 Gal

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Designed to Treat and Protect the Moving Parts of Your Engine

Contains No Solvents, Plastics, Graphite, Boron, Teflon or Chlorine

Protect Your Street Machine As Well As Your Race Car 

Reduced Friction for Maximum Oil Performance 

Compatible with Mineral & Synthetic Oil 

Specifically Blended for Nitro-Methane and Methanol Fuel Burning Engines

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CleanBoost® 20W50™ Racing Oil has been developed with the engine builder in mind. Using the same technology as our 70W Racing Oil, CleanBoost 20w50 Racing Oil will help protect your street machine as well as your race car with our race proven technology.

CleanBoost Performance Motor Oils are designed to treat and protect the moving parts of your engine, creating an extreme pressure boundary layer between moving parts with as much as 10-times the leading oil’s film strength. The greater the film strength, also known as the EP Rating, the better your oil will perform, which is why we can say with confidence that CleanBoost Racing Oils provides the best wear protection in the industry today.

Our motor oils contain no solvents, plastics, graphite, boron, Teflon or chlorine, keeping your engine’s internal parts clean and performing like they should.

Check out our testimonials on YouTube as well as FaceBook, you won’t be disappointed in the final results.


Just ask Chris Demke, Winner of the 2014 NHRA® Winternationals driving the top blown alcohol OSI/Peen-Rite/Boost Performance Products dragster: Boost Performance Products and their line of CleanBoost® Performance Motor Oils line of lubricants is a key component of our team’s performance and success! Thank you so much for your support!!!

These top fuel and alcohol dragsters have engines with up to  10,000 horsepower, which is about twice as powerful as the engines installed on modern Diesel locomotives!

The pressures inside these engines is ridiculous… yet many of these teams quietly use CleanBoost® EMT™ and the CleanBoost® 70W™ Racing Oil fortified with EMT™, as the key to keeping these extreme nitro methane and alcohol injected engines from coming apart during these very competitive racing events. It’s also used in their drive axles, reverser gear units and anywhere else the Crew Chief sees fit for it’s use to protect expensive components.

And once again, just ask Garrett Bateman, NHRA® Top Alcohol Dragster driver from HipLink® Software and winner of the 2014 Les Schwab Challenge for the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Northwest Division at Woodburn Dragstrip… who also gains support from Boost Performance Products as a happy user of CleanBoost® 70W™ Racing Oil, fortified with CleanBoost® EMT™. In the 2014 NHRA® Winternationals, Bateman began a solid run and then according to Garrett…

Duuude! We were #1 to half track before our coupler broke and zinged the motor to 9,300! We were .897 sixty foot and 227mph to half track before it broke. We went 5.40 e.t. coasting at only 212mph for #2! The oil saved the motor! No hurt parts! The oil saved our a**!! And made me look good! : )” – Garrett Bateman

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 18 in